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small imagesWith its predictive capabilities, Intellirecreation allows matching of future bookings to activities, events, recreation to ensure customer satisfaction.


Good management of both retail and consumable inventory is a key profit opportunity. Whether you operate a gift store, or want to track the consumables in your day spa.

intelliRecreation™ Inventory Management coupled with our POS, tracks all purchases, sales and consumption. Whether you have a single retail outlet or many we can manage provisioning from a central location or purchases for each individual store.

In addition where you have a need for supplies to provide a service, intelliRecreation™ allows matching of future bookings to consumables to ensure you have the right quantities on hand at the right time.

Key attributes

  • Able to track by supplier or manufacturer
  • All sales and consumption automatically decremented
  • Min/Max and Economic order quantities checked continuously for reorder points
  • Inventory count paperwork
  • Backorders and short deliveries tracked
  • Manage inventory write-offs and other adjustments
  • Extensive management-reporting on Inventory history
  • Full tracking of every adjustment, sale or purchase

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