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small imagesResorts now can be assured that every charge will end up securely in their Property Management System and that if a room cancellation is made all of the other activities get cancelled also

Guest Management

The hallmark of successful Hospitality businesses is to deliver quality services efficiently.

Guests want an increasing variety and complexity of personalized services. We ensure your guests can easily book spa, fitness, restaurant or any other indoor or outdoor activity from any location, any time, for as many in their party as they want at a time that suits them. Available resources are always clear, booking preferences can be included, and the system is always 100% current.

Key attributes:

  • Microsoft Outlook like appearance
  • Customizable to your color scheme
  • Complete record of all prior services and purchases
  • Handles complex multiday, multi-use in a room, series sales and group bookings
  • Payment status always visible
  • Email and text message notifications
  • Fully integrated POS
  • Fast, secure, phone or walk-up bookings
  • Sell products, services, packages, vouchers
  • All changes audited -- tracking by staff of every change made.
  • Cash drawer management and audit
  • Integrates with hotel property management room charges
  • Supports bi-directional transfer of data from:

Opera and HTNG

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